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About Manappuram Jewellers

Our journey began when MANAPPURAM JEWELLERS LIMITED. was established in November, 2008. Our first step was the opening of a showroom at our Headquarter complex in Thrissur in March, 2010. We aim to reach out to the mass market for gold jewellery with a chain of stores offering quality on par with the reputed names in the business, at a price affordable to the middle and lower-middle class market.

Why To Choose Riti Jewellery

At Manappuram Riti Jewellery, we begin with a core commitment to ethical values. We deal exclusively in BIS 916 Hallmarked jewellery, a mark of quality enforced by the Bureau of Indian Standards and recognized by the Government of India. To our customers, it will serve as a foolproof assurance about the quality of the gold they buy from us. We have kept our making charges (and prices) at the lowest levels in the market, promising affordability for a much wider class of people. And in keeping with our standards of integrity and transparency, all transactions at Manappuram Riti Jewellery are billed for the full value. In this way, customers have proof of purchase and can hold us to account for what they buy from us. This is not all. The bill also contains free insurance for the jewellery against major risks (including theft, robbery and fire) that comes into effect the moment you step out of our showrooms.

Manappuram Riti Access Customer Care

Manappuram Riti Jewellery has launched Riti Access, an exclusive customer care service centre, at Thrissur. Riti Access brings Riti Jewellery closer to you, in fact, right up to your doorstep, with a range of personalized services. Riti Access provides up to date information about the different schemes and plans of Manappuram Riti Jewellery. From the "Kanakadeepam" Gold Advance Booking Scheme to the "Riti Jewel" instalment scheme, our valued customers can avail of all the latest offers at the service centres. They can join the Kanakadeepam scheme and remit their instalments here. And they can get expert advice on Wedding Gold/ Diamond Purchase Plans. At present, three such Riti Access centres have been launched at different locations in Thrissur District. The grand plan is to launch a chain of Riti Access customer care centres in different locations in Thrissur as well as across southern India, wherever Riti Jewelry showrooms are located. Manappuram Riti Jewellery showcases the widest collection of gold and diamond jewellery with the lowest making charge. Besides, it is the first jewellery in India to retail gold of extra 917 purity at the price of 916 gold.

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